The Best Combination Of The Season For Women Leggings With Converse

The fashions of the 2000s have returned to stores and promise to find a place in our wardrobe. We do not know if we will see the crazy combinations that were formed in those years (hopefully). From the 2000s, the looks that combined leggings and skirts, the very low-rise pants and the hoops remain in the memory.

All the elements full of impossible colours, because if it does not meet the essence of the time. What is clear is that like every season this fall-winter we will rescue pieces that are basic and that we will reinterpret to adapt to the present the trends of those years that we save today from the past.

The Most Repeated Combination

One of these pieces that we will have to get out of oblivion is the leggings that from 2010 the fashion prescribers reserved only for the gym. However, now they return with more force after confinement that has put in value the comfortable and sporty clothes to wear all day. Our favorite combination.

In this way, we will achieve one of the most coveted looks with an effortless style, but combined with an oversize sweater or a jacket like Camus does, we can give our leggings a formal touch ideal for office days. Another of the favorite options of fashion specifiers and that look great is to combine converse and leggings with extra-long coats in earth colours to create a contrast with the black of the leggings.

More Colours In The Leggings

Although all the combinations that we have presented use the basic black leggings that almost all of us have in the closet, if you like more risk and play with the colours palette, we also bring you the solution. However, they have put aside the classic colours and have decided to bet on colours like gold, red or neon green.

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