The Secrets To Lose Weight Without Going To Diet

Like the vast majority of girls (and guys too), losing weight has possibly been (or still is) one of your many goals. If that’s the case, I can bet you’ve tried to pay thousands of dollars to a commercial weight loss program, right? Because I did it like that. Have you ever tried to follow an endless list of foods that you can’t even get close to if you want to lose weight?

You have spent hours and hours in the gym, doing many exercises and waiting for all that accumulated fat to disappear. But after trying every possible way I can think of, in the end, the same pattern always repeated and after losing a small amount of weight, I ended up gaining more. I could lose 5 kilos and then regain it and add another 5 in a matter of days. I almost threw in the towel on my goal of losing weight until the day I was turned down from an audition because of my size.

From Dieting To Nourishing Your Body

Don’t you feel like you’re always hungry even when you’ve finished eating? When you do not provide your body with certain types of nutrients such as omega-three fatty acids and high-quality protein, your body sends the signal of hunger to the brain, making you want to continue eating. In this way, instead of tormenting yourself by trying to follow a strict diet, you should learn how to nourish your body most appropriately.

Once I understood that I made sure to get the highest quality nutritious foods possible. Now I look for less processed foods and try to cook my meals at home instead of buying something from a fast food outlet. I still eat certain foods like pizza, sweets, or chips without hesitation, but over time I’m losing my taste for junk food as my body prefers food that contains more amounts of high-quality nutrients.

Store Foods With High-Quality Nutrients

Keep high-protein foods in your fridge and pantry such as eggs, fresh cheese, yogurt, string cheese, peanuts, and the like. If you bite into protein sources like the latter, you will be less tempted to eat less healthy things like snacks and chips. When you go out, take something high in fiber and low in calories like fruit. I always carry at least two fruit types in my bag or my car, so I don’t find myself looking for a fast-food establishment when I’m hungry.

I also try to bring my packed lunch to work, this way I make sure I’m eating something healthy and saving some money. At home, put unhealthy foods in places that are hard to reach, or somewhere you won’t see them very often. This way, you will need to work harder to compare them and not visit them all the time you won’t be so tempted to eat them.

Heal Your Digestive System

Sometimes your body cannot properly absorb the nutrients in food because your digestive system is at risk, causing you to eat more to feel satisfied. Before, I always felt bloated and constipated. That is my way of knowing that my digestive system is not working at its best. I researched ways to normalize my digestions. I drink probiotic drinks and started eating lots of fermented foods like kimchi or other fermented vegetables. Fermented foods have a large number of beneficial bacteria that are very good for your digestion.

Eliminate Toxins From Your Body

Toxins affect our body’s natural ability to burn fat, leading to excess fat and other types of diseases. I learned that our body uses fat cells (also known as adipocytes) to store excess toxins within them. Those fats that you are trying to eliminate are the toxins that accumulate in your body.

Start to eliminate excess toxins by following detoxification techniques. The easiest way to detoxify the body is to make sure you drink at least two water liters per day. Nowadays, I always carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go, so I can make sure I’m still drinking water and, above all, that I’m well hydrated.

I also start my day by drinking a glass of lemon water, or water with two tablespoons of apple juice vinegar. Try to eat lots of green foods such as broccoli, chlorella or seaweed, and these are all excellent detox foods. You can also make green fruit smoothies, or drink juices Made of veggies.

Get Adequate Rest

Not many people know this information, so the quality of your rest directly affects your weight. Rest is our brain’s way of nourishing itself. According to one study, fewer sleep results in the body wanting more food. When you’re not sleeping well, you’re likely to crave sweeter foods to keep your body and brain awake. Lack of sleep leads to craving higher-carbohydrate, more energy-dense foods. When I decided to start this journey, I put together a routine to help my body rest better at night.

I shower and wear comfortable clothes, and I also make sure that the room temperature is as comfortable as possible. Low temperatures can help you fall asleep faster. I stay away from my cell phone and any other device an hour before going to bed because LCD screens emit blue light, and that keeps your brain awake for longer. I try to sleep at least 7 hours and, if possible, I take a little nap throughout the day. I try to sleep at least 7 hours and, if possible, I take a short nap throughout the day.

Cure Sleep Apnea

Have your friends or family ever told you that you snore very loudly in your sleep? Do you feel tired even after a long night’s sleep? You are most likely suffering from what is known as sleep apnea. I do not suffer from this condition, but I have decided to include this part because many overweight people are affected by sleep apnea.

It is a sleeping sickness that results in a hormonal imbalance reflected in more significant weight gain due to high levels of cortisol in the blood, leading to more excellent insulin resistance and a greater desire for food garbage. This machine blows air into your nose and mouth and keeps the windpipe wide open, helping you sleep at night without any problem. It is essential to treat this disease, as soon as you start treating your sleep apnea problem, you will begin to lose weight.

Reduce Stress Levels

My recommendation is meditation; Specifically, it is beneficial to practice it for 10 to 15 minutes a day, to help your hormones return to their resting state. Sometimes shopping or walking in the park helps me de-stress. The method of relieving stress can be different from person to person. My mother relaxes by cooking while my brother does it by playing badminton.

My advice is that you choose a much healthier method to reduce stress and not resort to drinking or playing video games for a long time. Our hormonal, digestive and nervous systems were designed to work together to benefit our health and that it was in an optimal state. Changing your habits and acquiring a method that works for both your mind and your body, so that you nourish yourself physically and mentally is the most logical and sustainable way to lose that excess weight in the long term.

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