White Sugar The Enemy Of Your Diet

The anti-sugar movement gains strength every day. Partly because the benefits ascribed to eliminating it from the diet are numerous. Recently, the world sugar sales figures have shown that the new trend in food that defends a balanced diet free of foods rich in sucrose has permeated the population. After years focused on fat as the main enemy of health, while white sugar enjoyed a secure background, today loads the inks with the sweetener whose sales have experienced a remarkable worldwide drop.

The anti-sugar movement gains strength every day. Partly because the benefits ascribed to eliminating the so-called “white poison” from the diet are numerous, according to nutritionists and experts: reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, heart risks, diabetes, and obesity, in addition to the frequency with which you get sick with colds or flu, by increasing the body’s defenses.

But many also point to more banal changes, as the improvement of the appearance of the skin by reducing the consumption of sugar in the glycation process, which causes damage to the collagen and elastin of the skin; in addition to leaving it more vulnerable to oxidizing agents, such as the sun. Some compare the process of eliminating sugar to that of detox since the addictive effects are comparable.

However, if you are thinking of starting the process, do not believe that you have to suffer. At least not too much; Since there are sweet alternatives that will allow you to continue with your habits without changing them drastically. Read on and explore these alternatives to white sugar, so you don’t give up on sweetening your life.


One of the great beneficiaries of white sugar’s demonization is this small herbaceous shrub native to Paraguay and Brazil, consumed by the GuaranĂ­ Indians for centuries. Initially, to sweeten mate, growing naturally in the same area, its use has now spread worldwide. It is not blind, which is why many people opt for other formats. However, its high sweetening power makes your purchase profitable on a day-to-day basis.


Panela could be said to be the grandmother of cane sugar because its only ingredient is the dried sugarcane juice before being purified to get it. The process to obtain panela is simple: the sugar cane juice is cooked at a high temperature until molasses is received that is left to dry so that it can curdle into small caramel-colored blocks.

These are then ground into a product similar to cane sugar in appearance. Despite the common origin, panela and sugar differ due to the nutritional qualities of both. While the first contains nutrients such as glucose, fructose, proteins, minerals, and vitamins C and B, the second is only sucrose; therefore, the first has multiple advantages.

Agave syrup

Different products are extracted from the agave of the blue or maguey type. Still, the one that interests us in this article is the syrup obtained from this plant’s leaves, similar to a cactus or aloe vera, native to tropical, subtropical, and the Caribbean.

The extraction is simple, and it is merely necessary to cut the adult plant to drain the sap. In this first stage, it is called mead, and it is a very refreshing drink. To obtain the syrup, we need a second step. In it, an enzymatic process is applied to break down carbohydrates into simple sugars. This product is then filtered and concentrated on producing this sweet nectar, an alternative to sugar with great sweetening power and a low glycemic index.


The powder of this Andean fruit is increasingly known outside the Peruvian borders. There it is widely used to sweeten foods and very varied preparations. Some elevate it to the category of superfood. But what is clear is that this fruit of Inca origin contains a high level of vitamin B3. This helps metabolize proteins, enhancing the body’s production of energy. And also carotene, which increases the effectiveness of the immune system.

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