Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 In 2021

Ring in the new year at the top of the trends with these ideal haircuts to renew your image. Many take advantage of the arrival of a new year to renew various aspects of their lives. A look change could be a good way to achieve a new look capable of refreshing your image. Taking this into account, expert stylists such as Richy Kandasamy and Kien Hoang, gathered the 10 haircuts that during 2021 will be more suitable for women over 30 years of age.

Long Live The Bob

Although we are fully entering the third decade of the 19th century, the 90s are still present as a friendly ghost full of combinations capable of achieving irreverent styles. That is why the Bob of that time will be more present than ever during this 2021. “I think for straighter hair types, we will see blunt, unstructured locks at chin level with hair pulled back behind the ear and natural movement in the back”.

Short And Square

For women with curlers, Kien believes that cutting hair above men, with a square shape, is the best option. In this way, a man with a lot of movement will be obtained, allowing the hair to move according to its natural waves.

Medium Bob

A Bob at the height or below the shoulders is one of the trends that is coming with force for this 2021. This haircut can be used with waves from the middle part of the hair, towards the ends.

.Smooth And Blonde

The Color also is playing a key role in the coming months. A trend that will be causing a sensation is that of blonde and straight hair. This cut below the shoulders can give you that sophisticated and modern look, typical of a modern woman.

Layered Blonde

Medium length hair will be a recurring factor in 2021. The versatility that this length provides allows it to give volume and texture to the hair, adding ideal layers to be dyed and give light to the style in general.

Fantasy Hair

Continuing with the theme of color, Kandasamy pointed out that many of his clients have been asking for colorations ranging from cold blonde to pure white. According to the colorist, next year will be characterized by fantasy styles full of shine and color.

Gray Bob

Just as bright colours will continue to be the protagonists of trends next year, ash or grey tones will also be among the most sought after. A good way to use these colours is to apply them to a Bob that reaches the shoulders.

Blonde And Long

In the coming months that long, blonde and wavy hair, like a princess, will be gaining strength. The typical Rapunzel style will be a favorite for blonde girls.

Bright And Silky

Experts Kandasamy and Hoang believe that 2021 will be characterized by honoring the importance of keeping hair hydrated and shiny. Therefore, they expect a rebound in cuts of medium or long height that highlight these characteristics. “I think hairstyles will take into account the health and shine of the hair, ” Hoang said.

Natural Look

Everything indicates that this 2021 trends will leave space for many styles to achieve a meeting point. According to Kandasamy, the quarantine has allowed many people to recognize the natural shades and shapes of their hair. With this in mind, she hopes that in the coming months, there will be a rebound in looks that highlight the natural. Now that you have this preview, you can prepare your style so that the new year finds you totally radiant.

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