The Trend Of Not Covering Gray Hair

The perception that has been had for a long time regarding gray hair has been changing over the years. Nowadays, it is no longer an issue for women to hide, but they show themselves with pride and power. An example of them was seen with the actress and activist Jane Fonda when she appeared at the award-winning Oscars 2020 proudly showing off her gray hair.

It has long been an attribute linked to wisdom and experience towards men with gray hair, but women are just beginning to join in this fact. A movement seems to be emerging (as would occur in women with Afro) regarding gray-haired ladies, who also wear them with great pride.

It is becoming a fashion to wear gray hair, so much so that young women themselves have wanted to take them to the point of dying their hair gray to be in the current trend. Such is the case, for example, of Lady Gaga, who, despite having undergone various look changes, took a while with pride and glamor her hair with this “granny” hue. As well as her, many others.

Reasons Why Gray Hair Appears

Indeed, the appearance of gray hair is part of a natural process of many living beings because, in addition to it happening to us, they also appear in the animal world. It will inevitably occur as time passes, beyond all the myths in its environment, such as the one that many more would appear when starting one (especially when the process is beginning), so it is a genetic question.

Although this process usually begins to occur when entering the age of 30, it may occur much earlier and even much later this due to the aging of the cells that produce melanin, which goes beyond chronological age and Lifestyle. When this happens, the pigmentation that gives the hair color is stopped growing, causing an absence of natural dye.

It is known, even for having seen it, that this process does not occur homogeneously. The same person can present only one section of gray in their hair, leaving the other of our natural color and ending up in gray again. Similarly, we can have much gray hair on one side only, not on the other, or merely gray hair sautéed throughout our hair.

How To Deal With The First Gray Hair

Another of the great myths about gray hair is that while you are in a better mood much of the time, this will help the early appearance of gray hair, which is wrong because, as we have already argued, it is an entirely natural and irreversible process. However, for many, there is the dilemma of whether or not to dye their hair.

Although, in general, this decision of whether or not to dye the hair is entirely personal, there has been a high degree of acceptance for gray hair to the point that many women and even celebrities have allowed them to be a visible part of our image. In this sense, the care of your hair will depend on the decision you make once you begin to perceive the appearance of them.

First of all, it is necessary to disprove any myth about the appearance of gray hair. Pulling it out will not prevent or accelerate the formation of it. It will happen naturally, so if you decide to accept it and leave it, you can go little by little, investigating some suggestions regarding its care. If, on the contrary, you choose to dye it, do not neglect the care corresponding to it. Consult your stylist if so.

White Hair Care

Deciding to keep your hair gray in the face of gray hair is an entirely personal decision. This has been an option that many women are betting on today. Something to avoid the significant damage caused by dyes, and another entirely for fashion or trend. It is also a style that gives a lot of elegance.

One of the keys to taking care of our white hair is to keep it well hydrated and healthy. For this, there are various products on the market and even natural ones to protect it and the damage caused by the sun and pollution of the environment just as it is essential to cut the ends of our hair at least once a month.

Washing Your White Hair

One of the recommendations for washing is to use two different types of shampoo. In the first instance, you should use one to take care of your hair, preferably neutral or volume if it is the case of natural gray hair, but if it is bleached hair, it should be a moisturizing and nourishing one.

Another shampoo should be to beautify, applying a second dose of this, purple, which you should leave for a few minutes. These products have a bluish tint, which helps neutralize gray hair and bleached hair to turn yellow.

The Use Of Masks

To avoid dryness in your hair, it is recommended to use a mask at least once a week. In this way, it will help to keep it in good condition. Another option will be purple conditioners, which will help maintain the white color of the hair like shampoo.

Protective Oils

We well know that the sun is a great aggressor of both skin and hair, so if we expose ourselves for a long time to it, it could alter the color. For this reason, the use of a protective oil for the hair should be used, not only in summer but when going to the beach or the pool, in the latter cases, it is also suggested to use a scarf that covers our hair.

Keep The Color

Another fundamental recommendation for the care of gray hair is to maintain it by shading. Although it is a particular case of light, white dyes, which assume gray hair, maintenance is necessary to revive the color, knowing that, in this case, it will be required to go to a specialist regularly.

This same process must be carried out in the case of natural gray hair, with the difference that shade of gray would not be used, is possible to give it a somewhat fun color, such as balayage with powdered tones – a coloring technique with so just a few washes-, without damaging the hair as it gives us freedom from various shade changes in a short time.

A Current Cut

Haircuts have always been a fundamental part of the care of our hair. It is cutting the ends, mainly, to eliminate hair with possible damage. But in addition to this, it is also used to make changes to our look. In the case of gray hair, it could help us have movement, making them seem less static and that in one way or another, it does not burden us with years.

Gray hair is giving something to talk about when it comes to looking at changes. Not only because many women, many artists, have chosen to wear dyes that resemble them, but because those who do wear it real have revealed themselves. That is why here we will not only talk a little about them, and what they mean, but also about some essential care for them.

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