All Kinds Of Looks At Stradivarius Shirts For Fall 2020

Shirts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing for all seasons, and when I discovered Stradivarius‘ collection of shirts for Fall 2020, I felt a giant arrow. They are very stylish, keeping with the latest trends in the fashion world, and they are very comfortable.

The Most Stylish Stradivarius Shirts For This Season

Floral Print Shirt With Puff Sleeves

Violet is the star tone of the season, and this shirt is an attractive option to wear it in all its glory. With long puffed sleeves and button closure, it has a beautiful floral print. It is ideal to combine with jeans and cowboy-style ankle boots.

Faux Leather Shirt In Black

Faux leather garments are more fashionable than ever, and they are great for looking for an edgy touch. This faux leather shirt from the new Stradivarius collection has become one of my great favorites. In black and with button closure, it is super versatile, straightforward to combine. Also, it can be adapted to all kinds of looks, both day and night. If you fancy something comfortable, with straight-cut pants and sneakers, it looks great.

Checked Shirt With Peter Pan Collar

If I had to choose just one of the Stradivarius shirts, it would be challenging because they all look fabulous, although I think it would be this one. The checkered print is my favorite for fall, and if we add the Peter Pan collar and puff sleeve to this, the result could not be more beautiful! It’s a great shirt to combine with pants and skirts. For example, with a leather effect skirt and high boots, you have a comfortable and trendy look to go out to eat.

Ruffled Denim Shirt

Denim garments are a staple at the bottom of our wardrobe. Besides the pants, shirts are also gorgeous. This one from Stradivarius has caught my attention because of the ruffle trim on the chest. I like it because, in addition to having many styles, it is comfortable and easy to combine. It looks just as good with joggers and sneakers as with chinos and high-heeled ankle boots.

White Poplin Shirt With Peter Pan Collar

And finally, a white long-sleeved poplin shirt with Peter Pan collar and cuffs. If you are looking for a white shirt for Fall 2020 with sufficient detail, this is a great option. You can combine it with a tulle midi skirt with flare and high heels for a work meeting or a date. Beautiful.

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