Tips To Prepare The Skin For The Holidays

Although you will indeed have fewer Christmas lunches and dinners this year, if you want to show off radiant skin, we advise you to prepare your skin in advance. This ritual can also be applied to any event you have next year, a wedding, a communion, a particular date.

The Weeks Leading Up To The Event

  • The first step, essential for the active ingredients to penetrate effectively is cleaning the face, which you must do daily, morning and night.
  • Once a week, I advise doing a more in-depth cleaning with an exfoliator and a mask. You can also use a facial cleansing device. I like Institut Esthederm’s L’Osmoclean deep cleansing pack, which has two steps, a descaling cleanser and a clarifying mask.
  • At some point every week I also recommend using Neo Strata’s Home Peeling System Citrate, it’s a peeling system for home use in two steps: within the first, glycolic acid and acid exert a mild exfoliating and renewing action, and within the second, lactobionic acid hydrates and exerts an intense antioxidant action, to realize a smooth and luminous skin.
  • Another option is to use Neoretin Discrom Control Peeling depigmenting discs. It’s chemical, and enzymatic exfoliating active ingredients favor skin renewal in 20 minutes. It is suitable for all skin types.
  • After peeling, apply a mask-like Endocare-C Peel Gel that mixes vitamin C and E, resveratrol, pro-retinol, mucopolysaccharide. That act in synergy for brightening, antioxidant and retexturizing action, while purifying and detoxifying the skin.

The Day Of The Event

Cleanse the skin and apply a flash effect ampoule such as Insdiceutics Instant Flash, which has an immediate and prolonged lifting effect for 8 hours, for smoother, wrinkle-free skin, smoother and more rested. You can use it alone unless your skin is dehydrated and then you should apply a moisturizer afterwards. After the blister, you can put on makeup, although you must have previously hydrated the eye contour as well.

For the eye contour, you can use your usual cream or patches such as Lift & Repair by Institut Esthederm’s, which have a smoothing, firming and revitalizing effect, to show a much more rested, fresh and luminous look. Remember that to get a luminous, beautiful and long-lasting makeup, and the key is that your skin is hydrated and well cared for.

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