Do You Have Sensitive Skin This Treatment Is Your Ally

Sensitive skin is characterized by an irritable and reactive tendency that is usually evident through the presence of rosacea, coupe rose, telangiectasia (or spider veins), broken capillaries, etc. There are also sensitized skins, which are all those that for external causes are mostly reactive during a particular moment, in this group we can include dry skin, which is generally more likely to show this sensitivity due, among other things, to their minor and sometimes damaged skin barrier.

Sensitive or sensitized skin always needs special care, in fact, not giving it to it can trigger more problems. For example, a person with sensitivity or rosacea and acne, if he ignores the reactive nature of his skin and decides to use aggressive and drying products to combat that acne, it will undoubtedly worsen the appearance of his rosacea and make it even more reactive and annoying.

At Oxygen, as experts in facial care, they know the importance of correctly treating the health of the skin and the urgency of attending to its sensitivity, especially during the coming months. Extreme temperatures and the constant contrast between the cold outside and the internal heating are capable of upsetting the balance of the skin and triggering uncomfortable and even painful reactions. In the cold, sensitive skin will appear drier, tighter, and broken capillaries will become more visible.

Facial protocol for sensitive or sensitive skin At Oxygen, thinking of all those people who suffer during the coldest months and feel their skin drier than usual, devitalized and sometimes even sore, they have prepared a 75-minute ritual of intense care and moisturizing to gently treat the More sensitive skins with cosmetics specially selected for their delicacy and moisturizing power so that at the end of the face, neck and décolleté they appear hydrated, luminous, juicy, healthy and above all that they feel comfortable again.

The protocol begins with makeup removal and deep cleansing of the epidermis with delicate products and gentle maneuvers. Follow with a super delicate exfoliation with an oil-based emollient scrub that is soothing to the skin, with bitter almond oil for example.

Afterwards, a single-dose ampoule of soothing, softening and moisturizing active ingredients (chamomile, elderflower, green tea, blueberry) is applied. After it, an enriched facial cream is spread with which a delicious draining, relaxing and modelling facial massage is applied.

After the massage, a mask of collagen, aloe Vera and lyophilized iris cells is applied that will act on the face, neck and décolleté for 25 minutes. It ends with the application of specific serum and cream for sensitive or sensitized skin.

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