How To Select The Perfect Nude Lipstick

Putting lipstick on our lips can make us look perfect if we find the right lipstick, or on the contrary, it can ruin our look. Choosing the perfect lipstick is essential to complete our makeup, whether we tend to escort smoky eyes or smokey eyes, or if we’ve decided to travel with a more natural touch with a little color on the face.

This Spring-Summer season, they are wearing nude tones, and today we will explain how to choose the nude shade that best suits your skin.

First, to know what nude color is the one we need, we must exfoliate our face to eliminate all our dead cells and understand what the actual color of our complexion is. Many professional makeup artists recommend trying lipsticks just below the wrist to see if it matches our face.

These experts suggest that to get the most out of nude lip color, it should be one or two shades darker than the lower part of the wrist’s skin.

If your skin is preferably white, you should opt for sand and pale pink tones. But if your skin is darker, it is better that you choose such a beige-pink, and for all those who are very brown, without a doubt, your nude tone is to choose bronze tones.

Another trick to get a perfect nude lipstick is to try to avoid sheer beige lipstick. It is always better to orient ourselves more towards pink and peach tones that are somewhat warmer and feel much better.

And finally, another tip for those of you who have a relatively dark natural lip color, I recommend that you use a thin layer of concealer to neutralize the dark pigments of the lips and achieve a perfect nude tone.

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Joshna Reddy

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