Avoiding The Rebound Effect After Losing Weight

The rebound effect is not a myth or a fantasy; it is a real problem. It is a negative effect that appears when we start a specific diet plan to lose weight, and instead, we obtain a few extra kilos as a result. In particular diets, the rebound effect is very high; In other words, we gain even more weight than we lost and as a result, we fall into a circle in which losing a little weight becomes increasingly difficult.

Why The Rebound OR Yo-Yo Effect Occurs

Why does the rebound or yo-yo effect occur basically, because our body has unique defense mechanisms? When it detects a sudden change in the supply of nutrients, it activates its defense mechanisms to avoid decompensation. Such a situation causes our weight to vary between approximately 2 and 5 kilos and perpetuates the fluctuation of weight. If you are on a diet that severely restricts certain types of nutrients, call them fats, carbohydrates or proteins.

You will lose weight, yes, but only temporarily. Your brain will make you eat what you need to regain the lost weight and try to get quick energy from sugars. Our system’s purpose is that we do not run out of reserves to take advantage of everything that enters – especially fats – to prevent future periods of shortage. Of course, it is a natural subsistence procedure, but difficult to control, and it can make you end up gaining more weight than you had before or slow down your metabolism by returning your body more resistant to diets.

The Rebound Effect And Miracle Diets

In one of my previous articles, I discussed the dangers of miracle diets. When the rebound effect assails us, it is easier for us to seek these types of diets. This, in addition to aggravating the problem of weight gain, can cause, among other damages:

  • Heart problems.
  • Muscular weakness.
  • Renal impairment.
  • Dehydration.
  • Digestive rhythm disturbances (such as constipation).
  • Joint discomfort.

To give just one example, food-based diets that stimulate the elimination of liquids, indeed make us lose weight. This is because the juice has volume and, therefore, weighs. However, if you change your diet without reasonable nutritional control, you can become dehydrated or cause damage to the circulatory system, blood pressure or kidneys.

How Can We Avoid The Rebound Effect When Losing Weight

To avoid the rebound effect, it is worth bearing in mind the following premises:

  • See nutrition professional. Any fast diet or without professional direction can cause a rebound effect. This is because you have to do without certain food groups, such as fat, to eliminate your reserve fats.
  • Avoid rapid weight loss—the more drastic and faster the drop in weight, the quicker and higher the bounce.
  • Avoid stress. The obsession with counting calories causes unnecessary stress.
  • Avoid miracle diets. By including or substituting any meals for a single “miracle” food (be it lemon, cucumber, hot water or any other) you are not dieting, you are just momentarily altering a habit.

What Should We Do To Get Out Of The Rebound Cycle Of Dieting

If you have already been a victim of the rebound effect and have regained some or all of the weight you lost, here are some tips to successfully exit the rebound effect cycle:

  • My first recommendation is that you follow a balanced diet. To do this, try to avoid foods rich in refined fats and sugars and processed and sausages, which are rich in salt and preservatives.
  • Modify some habits in your day to day to improve your health. Doing some physical activity, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep are inseparable healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Always include healthy dishes in your diet, looking for innovative recipes that allow you to brighten up your meals. Trying new recipes and innovating in the kitchen will prevent you from getting tired of your diet and wanting to quit.
  • Follow a nutrition plan coordinated and monitored by a professional. This is the surest way to achieve the change you want and also to prevent the rebound effect. A dietitian-nutritionist will make a correct calculation applied to your diet that will allow you to balance foods so that your brain does not have to defend itself against an insufficient intake.
  • The perseverance, discipline, and determination to improve your health, are the engine that will help you get favorable results.

Remember, above all, to have the right attitude towards improving your life, so start now and not lose heart in your goal.

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