Quick And Long Lasting Makeup Routine

The return to the routine has arrived, and getting up early gets harder every day, and it seems that everything we did before, now suddenly, we see that we do not fit in the plan. Prepare breakfast (sometimes also lunch to take to the office), shower, dress, do our hair, and put on makeup. Every time we get to this step, it becomes difficult for us, and we say to ourselves: ‘too early to paint.’ Many of us rethink it because the idea of spending 24 hours with a layer on our skin makes us uncomfortable. The idea is to find the right makeup, light, and also long-lasting.

Many tricks will help you achieve a perfect and quick makeup routine, so you don’t have to give up anything. We tell you some tips to look at a natural and durable finish for your office hours.

1. Change The Concealer And Foundation For A BB Cream

First of all, start with clean and hydrated skin, and then the idea is to replace the makeup with a BB Cream with good coverage, light, natural, and the essentials of our tone. The best thing about BB Creams is that you can apply them with your hands and even with a hair sponge. Important that they contain a high sun protection factor.

2. A Touch Of Bronzing Powder

We will achieve a more uplifting touch to the skin and create a subtle effect that marks the face’s features, the so-called contouring that you can achieve simply with these powders. Please give it a double utility and use it as a shadow and give depth to your eyes. You save one more step on your makeup and get a natural look in a few seconds.

3. Take Advantage Of Your Blush In A Single Gesture

Use a luminous blush to brighten your skin without having to use a highlighter. You can also use a blush to give a touch of light and color to the eyes without shadows with bronzers. Dab it onto the apples of the cheeks and glide the product with your fingers or a sponge.

4. Color The Eyebrows

Use a product that collects these two steps and unifies them into one. We comb and color, fixing them at the same time. The right product that you will love is Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’ for all its colors. Its brush is easy to handle, and the brush adds color when you comb and fix.

5. Optimize Your Eyeliner

The eyeliner often requires time and patience and this in the morning is very complicated. Instead, we can choose to paint the waterline black to make them look deeper, with a pencil that glides well and pigments. On the other hand, we can use a thicker eyeliner in felt tip pen format for an intense and fast application.

6. It’s Mascara

Choose one that adds volume, combs well, and elevates them to infinity and beyond. Use Sephora’s ‘Size Up’ because it lengthens, curls are easy to use, and above all, it lifts the eyelashes without curling them.

7. Use A Lip Tint

Get that lip tint that complements and illuminates your face. It’s easy to use and will last all day on your lips without having to touch it up. Another option is the gloss or cocoa that we will see a lot in winter to achieve natural and hydrated lips at the same time.

8. Last Step Fix All

Use a fresh spray so that our makeup routine lasts intact throughout the day. You will like ‘All Nighter’ by Urban Decay.

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