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Put on your most beautiful and comfortable sandals and show off your beautiful and cared for feet by turning yourself into your pedicure at home. Spring arrived, and we began to rearrange the clothes in the closet to wear lighter clothes for the warmer days. The same happens with footwear, and we look for sandals, or we buy new ones. To wear them in the best way, we must take care of our feet’ health and beauty. Due to the pandemic, many items are not allowed to work, so we suggest that you do the pedicure tasks yourself at home today.

Pedicure At Home Step By Step

Nothing slows you down or prevents you from showing off your feet in the next hot days, and you first have to fix your feet so that heels, toes, and nails look in perfect condition of care and beauty. It is effortless to do considering that you will not be able to go to the consultation with the pedicure due to the coronavirus. That is why we give you a series of steps to follow to become the best pedicure at home.

Pedicure At Home All The Tips

Up to point 5, the advice is as valid for women as for men since boys also start to wear sandals or flip flops in these times, and they must maintain the health and care of their feet.

1) Soak Your Feet In Hot Water

The first step you have to do is remove the polish if you still have painted nails. Use a good quality polish remover to avoid damaging the nails, and help yourself with a few cotton flakes soaked in acetone. Then I washed my feet in hot water. If you want to optimize the result and turn your home into a small Spa place, put a few drops of essential oils of lavender or citrus in the water. In addition to relaxing your feet, they help relieve the pain in this body area. Another option is to put bath salts in the water, which are very good for the feet are exfoliants. Take enough time for your feet to relax and absorb the essences or salts. Have hot water on hand to add if it gets cold.

2) Cleaning The Heels

Once the feet have been soaking for their excellent time, remove them from the water and dry them well with a clean, soft towel. With a pumice stone bar, I carefully polished the heels and the feet’ outer sides, which is where the thickest skin usually grows as a result of the constant pressure that we exert on the feet. Also, some shoes that we use regularly are sometimes not so comfortable. This thick skin grows due to the formation of keratinocytes, causing, in addition to a bad appearance, sometimes they produce the formation of calluses that cause pain. That is why it is essential to polish and exfoliate these areas of the feet well, to remove the dead cells that accumulate on the skin. At the end of the exfoliation, rinse them again and dry them also. To finish with this area, go for a gentle massage cream with vitamin A; many are specific for foot care.

3) Nail Trimming

Now is the time to start with nails. First, with a gouge tool that is usually incorporated in the pliers, clean the edges of the nails well and the interior between the tips. To start with nail cutting, the vital key to this task to avoid annoying ingrown nails is to cut them little and straight. Please do not miss the pins at the skin’s root; leave them with a slight growth after completing the buds. To achieve a straight cut, avoid using oblique or oval scissors or pliers. Don’t be afraid to cut your nails if you follow these tips.

4) Nail Filing And Shaping

Without modifying the nails’ straight cut, you can file the corners and the base so that they are smooth and even. The secret is to start with the roughest part of the file and then finish with the finest. Another essential key is to always file in one direction only; this way, you avoid breaking or scratching the nail. If you are prone to ingrown toenails, you can try lifting the ingrown part to relieve pressure and cutting or filing that part. But those of us who have ever had this condition know that it is excruciating and needs specialized treatment.

For this reason, we advise you to approach a specialized podiatrist or pedicure as soon as you can. For much more explanation, we reinforce this advice if you have diabetes, do not try to touch ingrown toenails yourself. Approach a diabetic foot specialist. Returning to standard nail filing, keep in mind that toenails are thicker and grow much slower than fingernails, so it is advisable to use coarser-grained files and separate them exclusively for the feet and have others apart for the care of fingernails.

5) Cuticles

To easily cut the cuticles, which is the skin that grows on the edge and base of nail growth, follow these simple steps, and they will be perfect. You can place a cotton pompom soaked with a cuticle softening product on each nail and let it act for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse your feet in hot water and dry them carefully. With the help of a gouge or edge of the pliers, push the cuticles that are already soft a little, and then with oblique scissors or pliers, cut and remove them carefully.

Feet Beauty

Now that you are done cleaning, polishing, exfoliating heels, and nails. You’ve also cut and filed the nails and removed the cuticles. You already have super neat feet to show off in sandals or flip flops. The last thing you have left is to embellish them by painting your nails. For this task, we give you some simple tips.

Painted Nails

With your feet very clean and dry, always remember to dry between each toe to avoid fungus formation. Now you can start the process of beautiful feet by painting the nails very neatly. Start by cleaning the nails with a little nail polish remover to remove dust traces from the previous filing.

  • First, you can put some spacers between your fingers that come in the pedicure sets so that the fingers do not get stained with the enamel.
  • Then choose a colorless polish that is nutritious and provides calcium to your nails. Paint a smooth coat. Let it dry well.
  • Finally, based on your taste or preference as it matches your skin tone, choose a colored enamel and paint a smooth layer, with little quantity and neatness. Let it dry well.
  • It is always better to pass a second coat, but do not be impatient and forever wait for the first coat to dry.
  • Remember to always shake the enamels well before using them.
  • Also, have some cotton swabs with acetone on hand to clean up any spills that may arise.

The color palette of enamels is infinite, and the tones, which can be matte, pearly, or shiny, although every year trends or fashions emerge, the best will always be the one you like success in this pedicure task at home.

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