The Best Tricks To Use Micellar Water Like An Expert

Micellar water is the star product in the ‘beauty‘ world. Although using it may seem the most comfortable thing globally, it is worth considering some tricks to use micellar water like an expert. It is formulated based on micelles (hence its name). But what exactly are micelles? Small molecules that trap dirt and grease, and dissolve accumulated impurities. Micellar water acts like a three-in-one: cleanses, tones and hydrates in one gesture.

Tricks To Use Micellar Water Like An Expert

The first thing is to know the frequency of use. Ideally, use micellar water in your routine both in the morning and at night. Is it necessary at night even if we have not put on makeup? Yes because, although we do not have to remove makeup, we must clean the skin of the dirt and impurities accumulated throughout the day.

The disc should be well impregnated, but not to the point where water drips. One of the great tricks to using micellar water like an expert is to start applying the product to the face’s most sensitive areas: the eye contour and lips. For this, we must use compact cotton discs or reusable makeup remover discs.

For the eyelashes, a good trick is to put a little micellar water on a swab and pass it over them with rotating movements. Then, we apply it to the rest of the face, with circular movements. Do not rub! This is one of the most common mistakes when applying any product to the face.

In micellar water, the micelles act like a magnet, attracting excess oil and dirt on contact with the skin, without the need to rub. Should we clarify it? Generally not, as it is a product with a calming tonic action that balances the skins. If the micellar water is in gel texture, a highly recommended product for the most sensitive skin, it is advisable to rinse it with plenty of warm water.

How To Apply Micellar Water? The Correct Order

Yes, micellar waterworks for all areas of the face, but it is essential to follow an order.

  • We start with the eye area. With gentle pressure, the disc is slid over the upper eyelids, from the tear duct to the end of the eye. Then, the eyelashes are removed, from root to tip.
  • Then we remove makeup from the lips. The disk is placed on them for 10 seconds with very light pressure, and then it slides.
  • And finally, the rest of the face, from the inside to the outside. This way, we get the micelles to open up and trap all the impurities.

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