Why It Is Essential To Clean And Remove Makeup Correctly From The Skin

The basis of beautiful and healthy skin is cleaning, so it always has to be the first step of the ritual. In the morning, facial hygiene helps us to eliminate the remains of the products that we have applied at night, as well as sweat and other toxins that the skin may have. At night, cleaning is essential, whether you put on makeup or not, to remove the remains of the products, as well as the pollution particles, sweat and dirt that the skin accumulates. If your skin is not clean, it cannot be luminous, hydrated and radiant. Besides, applying creams and any product on dirty skin will make it less effective.

Makeup Removal, An Obligation

If you use makeup, little or a lot, it is essential to remove your skin correctly. While we sleep, the skin regenerates, that is why it has to be clean and with renewing creams, which will help that cell regeneration be more complete. Also, makeup can clog pores, causing the appearance of pimples.

The ideal way to properly remove makeup is to double-cleanse, first using an oil-based product and then a water-based cleanser. The first product will help us to remove makeup, traces of sun protection. While the second, cleanses the skin. Also, if you have made up your eyes, you should use an eye makeup remover to remove all traces, especially the mascara. The makeup removal should end with a toner, which in addition to removing the remains that remain, helps balance the pH of the skin and prepare it to receive the treatment product.

What Products To Use

It is essential to choose products that we like, but also that are suitable for our skin type. In general, for dry and sensitive skin, it is preferable to use cleansing milk, and avoid products that rinse with water. An also suitable option is micellar water. For mature skin, we also recommend moisturizing milk or products.

For oily and acne-prone skin, we should choose non-comedogenic and oil-free products that help to clean the skin gently, without damaging it. In general, non-soap cleaners are useful. For combination skin, you can use mousse, foams and facial gels that are also oil-free.

Mistakes To Avoid In Facial Cleansing

  • Use hot or freezing water. Ideally, opt for warm water when washing your face. Both hot and freezing water can damage the skin, causing dryness, irritation, etc.
  • Rub the skin very hard. Cleaning must always be done gently, without pressing too much. It is a common mistake, especially in oily skin, to want to remove the sebum by rubbing hard and the only thing that is achieved is a rebound effect.
  • Abusing makeup remover wipes. Although they are a convenient and comfortable product in certain situations, they should not be abused. It is best to leave them for sporadic moments and use gels and cleansers daily.
  • Not dispose of waste well. It is essential to rinse the face well after applying the cleanser, not forgetting the chin or neck. Leaving product residue can clog pores.
  • Dry your face with a dirty towel. Ideally, use a towel for your face only and wash it daily. Also, it is important to pat your face dry without rubbing, to avoid irritation.
  • Forget the tonic. The tonic not only serves to remove traces of makeup or the cleaning product you have used. Its objective is to balance the pH of the skin. In general, the pH of the water is not the same as that of your skin, which can cause a feeling of discomfort and tightness after cleaning. That is why the toner helps balance and restore comfort to the skin.

Products To Clean And Remove Makeup From Your Skin

For dry and sensitive skin: Gentle Cleanser from Skinceuticals, Osmoclean Cleansing Milk from Institut Esthederm, Sensibio H2O Micellar Water from Bioderma. For oily, combination and acne-prone skin: Biretix Cleanser from Cantabria Labs, P√Ęte Grise Cleansing Gel from Payot. If you sign up for double cleaning, we have different packs: Double Cleaning Pack for Combination and Oily Skin, Double Cleaning Pack for Normal and Dry Skin and Double Cleaning Pack for Sensitive Skin.

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