How To Take L-Arginine All You Need To Know

How To Take L-Arginine All You Need To Know

Taking L-arginine is a good option for those who want to strengthen their immune system or look for an effective supplement to take before training. It enhances the so-called “pump” effect; that is, it dilates blood vessels and improves the muscles’ supply of nutrients. Not only is it a pleasant sensation, but it also enhances performance and regeneration.

How Much L-Arginine To Take A Day

For athletes and those who are regularly subjected to stress in their day to day, the average needs of L-arginine are approximately 8 g per day. In an omnivorous diet, the intake through food is about 5.5 g. In vegetarians, vegans, or people who follow a diet, the information is lower.

The deficit in L-arginine needs can be easily compensated for with supplemental intake. People who train more than three times a week should take an L-arginine supplement daily to help long-lasting regeneration and immune system support. The daily intake of 3 g of L-arginine guarantees a sufficient supply in case of more significant needs.

The dose should not be lower than indicated, as under dosing cannot produce the desired effects. L-arginine is not toxic. No side effects or health risks have been observed even with an overdose of more than 30 g per day 1. However, it is advisable to follow the recommended dosage to exclude any intolerance, such as stomach pain. The bulging of the muscles caused by greater activation of the muscles in case of an excessive dosage can be bothersome.

When To Take L-Arginine

On training days, L-arginine should be taken about 30 minutes before training so that the athlete can directly benefit from its effects on performance. It dilates the vessels of the muscles and favors the supply of nutrients, something known in the sports world as the “pump” effect.

Thus, you immediately get higher performance and a pleasant sensation in the muscles for the next training session. On non-training days, it’s best to take it right after waking up to take advantage of the higher absorption capacity on an empty stomach.

How Long Is It Advisable To Take L-Arginine

Its immediate effectiveness distinguishes L-arginine. Those who do not want to supplement in the long term for financial reasons can also benefit from a temporary intake. However, some effects appear with medium or long-term use of L-arginine, for example, the increased release of growth hormones two necessary to increase muscle mass. Other positive results observed in some studies after several weeks of intake are reducing cholesterol levels three or the strengthening of the immune system.

Therefore, long-term use is recommended. Taking L-arginine does not cause habituation effects; that is, the body does not reduce its synthesis due to the daily and long-term intake of food supplements. So long-lasting supplementation is not a problem. Taking L-arginine is very useful, especially in case of intense workouts or stressful periods.

With Great Physical Efforts

People who train hard and train hard put great stress on the muscles and immune system. Taking L-arginine before training supports the normal functioning of the immune system and the nutrients are better distributed already during training. As a consequence, regeneration is accelerated.

Training In Difficult Life Situations

Since taking L-arginine has a direct stimulating effect on a physical level, this amino acid is also prevalent before training as a “boost.” For those who want to continue with their regular exercise in times of increased stress, this amino acid will help immediately after taking it and ensure motivation and performance even with lack of sleep or mental exhaustion.

What Is The Best Way To Take L-Arginine

L-arginine is typically offered in capsule or powder form. For both variants, it is convenient to take it with enough liquid. The type of fluid is irrelevant to the effectiveness of L-arginine: it serves both water and juice or skims milk. Anyone who has a pre-workout shake can add L-arginine to it. To obtain more energy and increase muscle mass more effectively, it is ideal, for example, to combine it with creatine, BCAAs, and stimulants such as caffeine.

Tips And Indications On Taking L-Arginine

Following the correct regimen for taking L-arginine is just as important as deciding to purchase a premium product. When buying L-arginine, you have to pay attention to quality. High-quality products are based on an arginine base. They are composed of at least 98.5% pure amino acids and are obtained from vegetable carbohydrate sources, such as corn or barley.

It is better to stay away from arginine hydrochloride-based products, as they are obtained from components of animal origin, such as fur and feathers. Their degree of purity is well below that of arginine base; they usually contain residues such as hydrochloric acid and negatively affect the acid-base balance.

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