The Ideal Hairstyles For Medium Straight Means

We know that combing straight hair is complicated and even more so when the cut is in half an inch, but. It is not impossible! And today we have come to prove it.

On the one hand, it does not matter if you do not have hair down to the waist; you can have many hairstyles that you can wear at events or go for a coffee. The medium length is super versatile and has tons of potential.

And straight hair also has many styling options, and you can play with it to add volume or make delicate and sweet updo.

Prepare Your Hair Smooth And Shiny

How can we prepare our hair so that it is impeccable before we get to work with the hairstyles? On the one hand, we have to have a routine of hygiene and care of our hair. As it helps control frizz and leaves a soft, luminous and smooth finish.

Also, suppose we want a smooth mane (because we don’t have it naturally). In that case, we can resort to different treatments, such as annuloplasty, which is a step beyond Brazilian straightening.

Or we can use the iron to style the hair, although, should we use it every day? Our advice is no, but some irons don’t use heat. Steam Pod 3.0. If you already have your hair ready, write down the following simple looks for your next events or meetings with friends. And if you want your hairstyle to last all day (or night), don’t miss our tips to make it last.

Look 1: High And Fitted Tail

How do we get this look? If you already have straight hair, comb it all back and collect with a scrunchy. It is imperative that the ponytail is tight and the face clear. You can take a section of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it. Special tip: if you collect the hair while it is still a little damp, it will be more uniform.

Look 2: Melena Released Wet Effect

One of the shortest hairstyles but with which you will look like you are leaving a Hollywood party. With the hair very straight and detangled, take a little gel or hair gel and distribute it through the hair, comb the half hair back without parting or to the side and you would have a super fashion look. Special tip: if you’ve wanted to know more about this cool effect, don’t miss our article dedicated to the wet product.

Look 3: Root Braids With Loose Hair

What do we like about this hairstyle? What has a thousand options! Start by separating the part of the hair you want to braid, and it can be the front part to remove the hair from your face, the sides so that the braid ends at the back of the head, several braids at the top of the head. Finished braiding, secured with a small scrunchie and hide the end of the braid between the hair. Special tip: if you still do not manage the root braid, you can take strands near the ear and create a traditional braid. When you have it done, you place it along with the head and fasten it with hairpins.

Look 4: Semi-collected Or Half-up Bun

You can never go wrong with a semi-updo and more so if you have half a hair. Do you know the half-up bun? It is a super trendy hairstyle that can be worn by all types of hair, including the medium straight hair. It’s as simple as parting hair from the top of your head and rolling it into the bun style that you like best. Special tip: if you mix the semi-collected with root braids you will get the most in the look of the whole article.

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