Hair Loss, Is Right That In Autumn, It Falls More

Our hair falls out every day; however, in autumn, it is more common for it to fall more. If the usual thing is that about 100 hairs fall a day, some people can lose up to 200 a day in autumn. As a general rule, after a few months, we will recover that fallen hair. If the fall is very alarming, you should visit a dermatologist who is an expert in trichology to assess it. Arbosana Pharmacy also has counseling services capillary (face or online) if you have questions, and you prefer to contact us first.

Hair Does Not Fall Out More If You Wash It Often

One of the most frequent questions is what to do when we notice that our hair falls out more, wash it often, or space the washings? You have to know that washing cannot influence hair loss as long as it is done correctly. It is true that when we wash our hair, we notice how the shower fills with hair. But if you space out the wash, you will see an even more significant fall the day you pass it. You have to wash your hair whenever you need it; you notice it dirty, you have used styling products such as hairspray, wax, or hair gel. In autumn, if you see that your hair falls out, we advise you to use a fortifying shampoo, which will help you strengthen your hair.

How To Cope With Hair Loss In Autumn

On the other hand, we can follow an anti-hair loss treatment, both topical (ampoules or lotions) and systemic (nutricosmetics). And always be aware that our hair’s appearance is influenced by other factors such as diet, stress, or hormonal changes (pregnancy, lactation, menopause.).

Eating a varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals is vital for our hair to be healthy and look good. There are no miracle foods, but you should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts, oily fish, eggs, dairy products in your diet.

Furthermore, stress and anxiety have been shown to cause hair loss. It is expected that in the current situation, we are more nervous and stressed. So perhaps it can help you to control that stress by doing meditation, yoga, some sport and creating in your home a space of calm and relaxation with the help of essential oils.

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