Exercises To Strengthen The Back

We see some exercises to strengthen the back that will come in handy for your well-being. If you have felt discomfort in your back or feel that you get tired very quickly, you should take action. That tells you it’s time to do these exercises to strengthen your back. Remember that it is a fundamental part of our body; we do not give it the care or importance it deserves.

Why Strengthen Your Back

The back is of great relevance for the human being since it is the support of the body. It is responsible for helping you with movement and balance. However, to carry out its function, it must be strengthened. She is made up of long bones like the spine and powerful muscles that help keep her firm. If you forget to exercise it, the muscles weaken, causing you to suffer pain and stormy conditions, any movement will be a nuisance. For this reason, it is recommended to perform exercises to strengthen the back and avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle.

What Exercises To Do To Give Strength To Our Back

No person likes to spend an entire day or more with annoying back pain. When you least expect it, it appears, and it is that every day the tendency to a sedentary life increases. That does not help your spine; you must make sure to keep it healthy and without discomfort.

In addition to becoming aware of the body posture implemented in daily activities and maintaining a healthy weight, it is advisable to tone up. For this, you can perform the following simple exercises:

  • The Superman Pose can be performed for 3 to 4 repetitions every day at home. It would help if you only lay face down on a mat or mat, stretching your arms and legs well. Subsequently, proceed to raise legs and arms simultaneously for 5 seconds and lower.
  • The push plate is an excellent option to strengthen the upper part. To do this, lie on your stomach and then lean on your hands and balls of your feet. Do a small push down while flexing your elbows a little.
  • Leg raise and opposite arm you achieve this by standing on all fours. You only have to stretch one leg and the opposite arm utterly horizontal for a few seconds. Then you make the change for the other limbs and so on alternate.
  • Raise your head and chest positioned face down, pressing the belly to the ground. With the help of your forearm, you support all the weight so that you can arch your back while fully stretching your arms.
  • While lying flat on your back on the floor, slowly drop your knees from one side to the other. Keep your shoulders from lifting off the floor.


These are just some exercises to strengthen your back that you can do at home or in any comfortable place. Similarly, practicing sports or activities such as swimming and yoga is highly recommended. Also, remember to adopt a positive mental attitude and make daily changes when sleeping, walking, and lifting heavy things. If even with the exercises, you cannot soften or eliminate the pain, you should go to a specialist doctor.

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