How To Exercise From Home Correctly

It is essential to play sports. However, there are many days when we cannot go out. We advise you to leave a free room in your house, with some objects that can help you in your daily routine. It is also advisable to combine exercises from home with a healthy diet. This will give you optimal muscle tone, even if you are withdrawn or reclusive. Try to follow the instructions of this virtual personal trainer, even if it is not directing the task to you. Keep in mind that doing so is free.

Duration, Exercises And Intensity

The recommended daily duration, especially for those who are starting, is 20 minutes. The intensity should be smooth and little by little, as the days go by, increase the time and power. The type of exercises we recommend is the following.

The Iron

Lay on the floor with your feet together, facing the floor. Squeeze your stomach and try to support your weight, holding onto your toes and forearms (elbow to wrist). You can change positions, but each class must be stored for about 20 seconds. And with a straight back.


In this exercise, stand with your feet together and take a long step forward. Bend both legs, until both knees touch the ground. The knees should be at a 90-degree angle. The force must be exerted on the feet. Once you get into the pose, switch your legs. Repeat it, and you will gain strength in your legs.


It starts very softly, with sets of 5 push-ups and little by little, the number increases. The proper position for beginners is with your knees on the ground. But when you achieve muscle tone, then raise your knees as well, and stay in the air with your feet and hands, with the strength of your arms.


Place your body against the wall so that your back will be straight. Then bend your knees.


Then lift your trunk forward, rest back and repeat for a while. It would help if you did not twist your neck when getting up, stay straight at all times.

Jump Rope

It may seem like child’s play, but repeating jumps is good cardio exercise. Also, a rope is something that we can have at home easily. It will help keep you in shape, even playing with children. So you could not miss when it comes to exercising from home.


Many people have a long hallway at home. You can run from end to end, turning each time you reach each end of the course.

Have No Excuses Not To Exercise From Home

As you can see, there are many possibilities to exercise from home. Therefore, please do not neglect your physical form, because you will pay for it with your health. Being locked up, without going outside and eating, can get us into overweight problems. Therefore, do not think that it will be a minor problem if you have to be confined for a long time. Make no excuses.

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