Dermacol Makeup Intact And Without Touch Ups All Day

Dermacol Makeup Intact And Without Touch Ups All Day

Do you have a baptism, a wedding, an event, or want to be impeccable for a special night? Has it ever happened to you that you leave the house with perfect makeup and after a few hours it has disappeared? As the hour’s pass, the makeup base will fade. We do use a good primer and translucent powders we manage to increase its duration. But still. Whether you are looking for a makeup to go out or a party makeup you will need your foundation to stay flawless.

Dermacol Makeup On Trend

The first thing to tell you, that in this post we focus only on the makeup base, but if you are looking for solutions to achieve an impeccable and long-lasting makeup.

We inform you about permanent lipsticks, makeup bases such as Dermatol, eyeliner and even the latest trends in makeup. The foundation makeup cover of Dermacol has high coverage, including full coverage we could say.

  • Dermacol is used as a professional makeup for photoshoots and film shoots, fashion shows and parties.
  • This makeup base was created as a pioneer of its kind in Europe. It is one of the first in the world to offer this type of coverage and duration.
  • Finally, the license for the manufacture of this base was sold to Hollywood.

The Dermacol makeup base contains 50% pigments, thus fighting skin imperfections. Perfectly covers acne marks, loss of skin pigmentation, postoperative bruises, tattoos, etc. Dermacol Make up is waterproof, hypoallergenic, preservative-free, includes SPF30 and is suitable for all skin types.

Makeup To Go Out Dermacol

This makeup base has a wide range of colours, and we recommend that you review the dermacol tones. To further extend the duration of the foundation, we recommend that you apply a good primer and translucent powders.

The powders translucent are a critical product between the makeup and getting matify the face seal makeup and prolong duration. They also achieve a perfect makeup finish and accomplish a “flawless-looking” face.

You need translucent powders if you have oily or combination skin or want to control the brightness of your face, especially those more conflictive such as those in the T zone. As for the makeup primer, it is a silicone touch gel that is used to minimize enlarged pores, soften the skin and visually eliminate all its irregularities.

Makeup To Go Out Primer

Although it is not a treatment, it reduces the oil in the skin, giving it hydration, deep nourishment and firmness. It perfectly spreads and plumps pores nicely for a smoother, more even skin feel.

With this Primer, the makeup will last for a long time, although the oiliest skin must touch up with powder. It is applied before makeup and after using the moisturizing cream, in the areas that you want to cover the irregularities.

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