How Can You Get Perfect Curly Hair And Plopping Hair Technique

Today we want to show you an effortless routine for curly hair that you can do at home, yes, if your hair is crying out for help, do not hesitate to go to your nearest beauty salon (we will help you with the salon locator) to receive specialized diagnosis and treatment. Today’s care routine stands out for a technique that is on everyone’s lips: hair plopping.

What Is The Hair Plopping Technique

It is a homemade technique for curly hair that consists of drying the hair with a cotton garment. The hair plopping technique has become very popular because of how simple it is and its benefits and results. Although it seems incredible, a cotton t-shirt or sweatshirt absorbs excess moisture, preventing our hair from frizz and giving the curls elasticity.

What other benefits does the hair plopping technique have? Avoid using heat tools such as dryers (so our hair will not suffer as much), we will also avoid the frizz that the dryer usually gives us, and we will wear a very natural and hydrated curl.

Step By Step Routine With Hair Plopping

First of all. A cotton t-shirt. That is a shirt that you have a lifetime. And to achieve a curly hair of 10, we will also need products suitable for our hair.

We Wash Our Hair

Although with the hair plopping technique we are going to ensure that the hair is more nourished, it is essential to start with hydration from the beginning, that is, in the shower.

If you have sufficient to normal hair and you want to make it soft, we recommend Bain Fluidéaliste by Kérastase with which you will get a magical touch. And if your nightmare is frizz, try the Biolage Smoothproof conditioner that eliminates it and helps you keep static electricity under control.

Detangle The Mane

It is essential to detangle the hair so that there are no knots and the hair breaks. Our recommendation for curly hair is to detangle it in the shower with your fingers, thus preventing your curls from unravelling and adding frizz. What’s your trick.

Remove Excess Moisture

With the help of a towel, try to remove the maximum moisture. Important! Do it using gentle pressure and delicately, if you rub your hair with the towel, you will only be adding more frizz to the mane.

Apply A Hydrating Oil

When you have removed the excess water, we recommend adding a little hair oil. The oils have many benefits for your hair, and one that we love is Essence Absolue Camellia Oil by Shu Uemura that nourishes and protects the hair from external aggressions.

Comb Your Hair

Everyone knows their curls perfectly if you consider that it is not necessary to comb your hair, skip this step if your rings need to be combed we recommend that you use a long and wide-tooth comb. And now yes, the time has come for the hair plopping technique.

Hair Plopping

Take your cotton t-shirt and lay it on a smooth surface (for example, the bed). Put your head down and gently drop your hair into the shirt in a small zigzag. Wrap your shirt around your hair and tie a knot like a turban.

Leave The Hair In The Air

After a couple of hours, take off your shirt/turban. Your hair will be dry and with defined and hydrated curls. If you want to give them a little more style, use a little texturizer or hair spray such as Siren Waves by L’Oréal Professional: before it is 100% dry, apply evenly to achieve S-shaped waves.

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