Best For Oily And Combination Your Skin Cucumber And Yogurt Mask

It is time to refine your skin and look out for it after the sun’s damage and, therefore, the salt of the ocean. The cucumber and yogurt mask is one of the only popular and effective home remedies out there. Its benefits are many: it profoundly hydrates the skin, regulates sebum production, eliminates dead cells, and accumulated impurities.

What Are The Advantages Of Cucumber And Yogurt For The Skin

Cucumber is an ingredient widely utilized in natural cosmetics for its properties and benefits for the skin. It’s composed of 97% water, so it profoundly hydrates while repairing, nourishing and calming.

As for yogurt, it’s a premier source of vitamins A and B and essential minerals. It helps the regeneration of the various layers of the skin, regulates sebum production, and eliminates impurities.

How To Prepare The Cucumber And Yogurt Mask

The ingredients to organize this home remedy are simple: 1/2 cucumber and four tablespoons of natural unsweetened yogurt.

The first step is to peel the cucumber and cut it into thin slices. If it’s organic, you do not get to remove the skin. Next, blend it and blend it during a bowl with the natural yogurt. It should be a consistent paste with a creamy texture.

Before applying the cucumber and yogurt mask, your face must be immaculate, so use specific products to get rid of dirt and makeup: micellar water, cleansing gel. Whatever you employ regularly.

With a facial brush, apply the mixture, emphasizing the T zone, where fat tends to accumulate the foremost. Let it act for half-hour and, once the time has elapsed, rinse with much warm water. Finally, pat dry with a clean cotton towel, without rubbing. Ideally, repeat the method a few times every week, preferably in the dark.

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