Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 30 In 2021

Ring in the new year at the top of the trends with these ideal haircuts to renew your image. Many take advantage of the arrival of a new year to renew various aspects of their lives. A look change could be a good way to achieve a new look capable of refreshing your image. Taking […]

Comfortable Clothes From Pull And Bear For Winter Season

If I have learned something after four years teleworking from home, it is the importance of being comfortable, so the collection of comfortable clothes from Pull and Bear seems spectacular to me. I learned a long time ago that working in your pajamas is not a good idea because laziness ends up defeating you. Of […]

Pedicure At Home Step By Step Foot Beauty

Put on your most beautiful and comfortable sandals and show off your beautiful and cared for feet by turning yourself into your pedicure at home. Spring arrived, and we began to rearrange the clothes in the closet to wear lighter clothes for the warmer days. The same happens with footwear, and we look for sandals, […]

Why It Is Essential To Clean And Remove Makeup Correctly From The Skin

The basis of beautiful and healthy skin is cleaning, so it always has to be the first step of the ritual. In the morning, facial hygiene helps us to eliminate the remains of the products that we have applied at night, as well as sweat and other toxins that the skin may have. At night, […]

Do You Have Sensitive Skin This Treatment Is Your Ally

Sensitive skin is characterized by an irritable and reactive tendency that is usually evident through the presence of rosacea, coupe rose, telangiectasia (or spider veins), broken capillaries, etc. There are also sensitized skins, which are all those that for external causes are mostly reactive during a particular moment, in this group we can include dry […]

The Best Combination Of The Season For Women Leggings With Converse

The fashions of the 2000s have returned to stores and promise to find a place in our wardrobe. We do not know if we will see the crazy combinations that were formed in those years (hopefully). From the 2000s, the looks that combined leggings and skirts, the very low-rise pants and the hoops remain in […]

Beauty Routines To Liven Up The Quarantine

Seven beauty routines to liven up the quarantine and relax, taking advantage of the fact that there is time for everything. We propose seven options for you to take care of yourself now that, in principle, there are more moments available, between ordering attics, cooking or teleworking, being at home we can organize and prepare […]

Best For Oily And Combination Your Skin Cucumber And Yogurt Mask

It is time to refine your skin and look out for it after the sun’s damage and, therefore, the salt of the ocean. The cucumber and yogurt mask is one of the only popular and effective home remedies out there. Its benefits are many: it profoundly hydrates the skin, regulates sebum production, eliminates dead cells, […]