The Most Elegant Camel Coats You Can Buy Winter

How soon we forget what has always been there. Of those who never raised their voices but never said no to anything and solved all the problems even before they happened. One of those who shone more for their talent than for their sequined dress. Of the olive bars and ponchos in the bar that know little or nothing about fusion gastronomy and truffle essences. Of the independent films with performances and storylines worth seeing in a loop. Of the black dresses. Of the sneakers without platform and with friction on the toe Of camel coats, which won’t even cover the first pages of a look book nor the advertisements on the downtown canopies, but they will always be at the hard, silent and perpetual core of all fashion collections.

Because the camel coat will not be in fashion this fall and neither will it be this winter just as white cotton shirts, black dress pants or sensible heels will not be. They will not be simply because their longevity in this industry keeps them out of fleeting and elusive You will see a specimen on the street – register that girl, she knows how to dress – and you will not know how to discern whether it is a piece from a new collection or a well-cared-for heirloom, since her appearance has not changed over the years. Years and fashions.

While it is true that some seasons more gown-style coats are designed, while others play with the arrogance of their buttons, the important thing is always: classic bearing, inherent elegance, quality wool, neck lapels and camel colour. With the odd variable in a matter of centimeters, wool percentage or tonality, those would be the five traits that would identify a good camel coat.

At this point in the article, you will have realized that we have come to build an apology for the camel coat and defend its authority in your closet regardless of what trends have dictated. As theory is not enough – or you already know it by heart – to convince you of the imperative need to treasure at least one quality copy, we have prepared a shopping with the best camel coats that can be bought right now. In the gallery – which, by the way, you have here – there are models from Zara, Massimo Dutti, COS, Victoria Beckham and Mango. Each one of them strictly complies with the five rules mentioned above, but each of them adapts to a type of pocket.

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