The Jewel Of The Body The Latest In Bridal Necklaces

Tradition tells us, on many occasions, that on the wedding day, a family jewel, traditionally made of pearls, should be worn (or gifted) by mother or grandmother. However, this is not the only option: fashion is versatile and, increasingly, offers other types of options to wear at the neckline that can adorn not only the neck but also the back and shoulders to complete the look. Bridal look.

Necklace Or Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is one of the latest fashion trends and often replaces the more classic necklace because it adorns the neckline and shoulders. Therefore, it is ideal for a wide neckline and an effortless garment, a beautiful extension of the classic round neck. Perfect for minimalist dresses that dispense with grandeur, to focus on the most memorable details.


Yes, the minimalist style has indeed taken over all sectors of fashion and the bridal world, but that does not mean that, from time to time, we like to stand out through some jewel endowed with absolute luxury. And pearls are a perfect resource to achieve it. There are them for all tastes: large or smaller, natural or tinted, embedded in different materials, and even personalized with engravings. Designers’ collections speak of the fact that anything goes when there is the style (almost).

As Short As Possible

When we thought that the fashion of the 90s was fading, it turns out that the 2020 collections tell us about a return to the choker in this last year. If at any time it has stopped being present. This detail full of subtlety is many times more impressive than a classic necklace at the clavicle’s height. For a ball gown, wedding, or a particular relevance, it is undoubtedly a jewel that goes with the circumstances’ height.

Infinite Collars

If there is a fundamental condition that every wedding jewel must-have, it cannot stand out more than the dress itself. There we all agree. For this reason, jewelry houses have brought to light pieces that do not stand out for their thickness but their size. Delicate works of art that surround the neck and turn your models into princesses. Perfect for a dress with a V-neckline or with a neckline at the back.

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