Full Body Boxing Workout For Women

The art of boxing is rising in popularity among women. It’s one of the toughest sports in the world. What makes practicing boxing amazing is as beneficial as this sport itself is in terms of learning self-defense and shaping you. The training and high-intensity boxing workouts put your body in the best of its shape. You do not necessarily need to join a gym or club for learning of course that adds up to the learning process or speeds up the training but it’s not impossible to practice it at home all on your own. You can try some of the following beginner bodyweight boxing workouts for having a taste of how the training will be and too for getting in your shape. Boxing is an incredible sport to be practiced in the fitness world.

Full Body Boxing Workout For Women

Boxing workouts are high-intensity interval training (HIIT). A session of 45-mins will engage almost every single muscle group in the body. This combat art can make you lose up to 600 calories per hour while you are sculpting the arms, core, shoulders & legs. And also nailing punching sequences demand sharp focus, that is what makes boxing an amazing sport for training the mind & body together.

Benefits Of Full Body Boxing Workout For Women

Walking with the idea in your head that you are in the best of your shape gives you a certain confidence. It elevates your mood and improves your body image in your head. Loving yourself isn’t a luxury but a basic practice that every woman should do. But unfortunately, modern-day unrealistic body standards have made it hard for women to be satisfied with their skin. Working out regularly is a healthy and incredibly effective way to shape your body in a certain way you want.

Becoming fit & toned is the greatest product of practicing boxing. It’s the most effective workout for toning arms & abs, those are the areas about which women are generally insecure. With vigorous punching, you get to engage the upper-body & core muscles without taking the help of additional weight. Other benefits of boxing workouts are:

  • Self-Defense: By practicing boxing women get to learn to defend & protect themselves. You don’t come or you get to deal with what kind of violent people in the unwanted situation having self-defense techniques at your hands will protect you in any case. Moreover, the knowledge that you can defend yourself will give you more confidence and develop practical skills.
  • Stress Relief: Exercise is an activity that stabilizes your mood. Moving your body enables your mind to produce mood-regulating hormones. Just a few minutes of exercise will make you feel better about yourself. Also, what better equipment you can have other than punching for taking all of your stress out. So, in case you are having a bad day just put on your boxing gloves and go as hard as you can on the bag. The act itself is emotionally satisfying.
  • Sense Of Self-Empowerment: Boxing enables you to be your little champion. This combat sport allows women to push their bodies beyond their limits. While putting their mental strength & stamina to the test. Performing boxing workouts, makes women come out carrying confidence & strength. This boosted self-image will help them in every aspect of their life on and off the ring.

Full Body Boxing Workout For Women

1) Jump Rope

It’s an amazing workout which boxers practice for staying lean & building the cardio base. Jumping rope workout demands you to have a well-developed body and mind coordination, which is crucial for moving in the ring & staying elusive. Performing jumps at different speeds and tempos give an amazing full-body workout.

Make sure you jump slow & steady for almost 20 secs, you can then increase your pace, also try double jumping, or touch the highest. Increasing the jump heights will simulate a flow of the real fight.

2) Heavy Bag Workout

Punching bag workout is the most basic workout that every boxer performs. It makes you learn throwing combinations of various punches from different angles, and styles. And how to incorporate kicks during the punching sessions. This workout is a great stress reliever, every woman must perform this type of conditioning even if they are not into conditioning. It is an excellent workout that offers other benefits. Make sure you warm yourself properly before you get into beating the bag. Use hand wraps, gloves and boxing spat pants. Without inappropriate protection, you will end up hurting your hand and joints.

3) Boxer Bicycle Crunches

It’s an amazing full-body boxing workout. Same as plain crunches, you lay down on the floor with your face up and knees bent in your chest, and your arms on the floor. Then lift the head, shoulders, & upper back from the floor & perform the bicycle crunches, twist your left shoulder closer to your right knee, extend your left leg out straight. Repeat the same workout for the other side. Make sure you keep your belly button stretched in tight closer to your spine & chin closer to your chest for avoiding neck strain. Also keep both of your arms on the floor.

4) Cross Punches

This exercise helps you in strengthening your weaker side. If you are right-handed & complete the cross punches set with the right arm, then use your left arm with the combination of your right foot. Know that the weight you put back, your whole weight shifts to it. Same as if you are left-handed & completed the cross punches set by using the left arm, then use the right arm.

5) Shadowboxing

Shadow Boxing workout primarily works on basic punches which are jab & cross. You can start by executing a jab. Begin this workout by getting into the boxing stance, put the nondominant foot at the front. Then bend the knees, by keeping the chin down & both of your hands up, also protect the face. Then extend the lead hand forward to strike your target & lightly pick up the lead foot & move it while striking. For performing crosses, rotate the upper body to extend the dominant hand. Keep in mind that you must pivot the back foot & turn the hips to bring the power to your punch.

6) Burpee With Pushup, Straight Punches, Hooks

It’s a combination of workouts that push you hard beyond your limits. Stand at the arm’s distance away from the punching bag, plant both of your feet firmly on the ground at the hip-width apart, both of your knees bent & do a burpee. Then squat down, by placing the hands on the floor, underneath the shoulders & take a step and jump the feet back, in a way that your body goes in the high-plank form with the core tight & the body forming the straight line. Then do a pushup, by bending both of the elbows while lowering the chest and moving it close to the ground. Then press yourself back in the high plank form. Then take a step and jump the feet back, by moving the hands. After that, explode up, jump straight in the air, and land gently.

7) Prisoner Jump Squat

It’s an amazing movement that combines your booty work & cardio bursts. Put both of the hands at the back of your head, then undergo a squat & explode while jumping in the air. A wide array of levels of movement your body undergo ensures that your different muscles are engaged. Make sure to keep the hands at the back of your head and also engage your shoulder muscles; these are usually hard to target.

8) Mountain Climber

It is an amazingly good cardio workout that can be performed in the space. It’s a low-impact exercise that minimizes the possibility of common injuries. Start this workout by standing in the plank position, engaging the core while bringing the right knee closer to the chest.

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