Why BJJ Is Known To Be The Best Martial Art For Women

BJJ is a contemporary form of traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu. It is going through constant change and with the help of new maneuvers and better techniques this form of martial arts has made it to the mainstream media as well. With the instruction in mainstream media, more people are willing to invest their time in learning this art form. Instructors and gym trainers are incorporating the BJJ-based exercises in basic weight loss workout plans as well. According to the majority of the instructors, BJJ trainers have seen a major improvement in weight loss when they used BJJ-based maneuvers in the exercise. Apart from this, people have reported that BJJ students have seen rapid weight loss in the first three to four months of their BJJ training. With all these shreds of evidence, it is safe to say that BJJ is not just a simple combat training that is becoming popular after the MeToo movement just because of self-defense. We cannot limit the scope of BJJ for safety and self-defense. There is so much more than BJJ is helping us with.

For beginners who are struggling to understand what they should care about BJJ, we have listed down some of the best-known reasons BJJ is becoming rapidly popular among women. With the help of these reasons, you will be able to know why BJJ is recommended for women and kids although they are known to be physically less powerful. We will further help you understand how power is just a myth that is connected with the martial arts and it is more than the game of power.

Myths About BJJ That Has Convinced Women To Stay Away

There is no doubt that martial arts of all forms have been endorsed as male dominant games. If we look at the history of combat games, we will mostly see men fighting on mainstream media. A simple analysis of all the major and successful action movies will revolve around a male figure. Apart from this, combat-based games are endorsed based on power. Women are seen as less powerful physically so when it comes to martial arts they are not preferred. Overall, it is safe to say that it is more about discouragement and less about reality. According to professional BJJ fighters, there is no game better than BJJ for women. The reason is that BJJ favors the weaker as compared to other combat-based games where the focus and winner are always powerful and bulkier. So, you will be able to see a lot of upsets in the games where kids can win the game when their opponent is a bulky man.

Why Women Should Women Start Their BJJ Journey Today

Favors The Weaker

In BJJ technique is always the winner. No matter how bulky you are or how much time you invest in your training or how long you have been training, the only thing that will make a difference in your technique. If your technique is not polished enough, you will be able to lose the game regardless of all the preparation. We have seen kids winning games over their adult opponents and we have seen that happening only because of a better technique. Overall, with consistent work and better training, you will be able to win the fight.

Perfect For Self Defense

BJJ is very close to reality. We all know that when it comes to boxing or other combat-based games, the rules are very different. There is no way that a street fight will only consist of punches and body rhythms. You need more than powerful punches. Body engagement is very important and that only happens in BJJ where you have a very realistic set of rules and you can almost use your whole body. You can even use grappling techniques on the opponent and this way you will be able to win the game even in street fights.

Good For Body Toning

We have seen that most people gain muscle or lose fat but their body structure doesn’t compliment their look. This is because we target one group of muscles and work on it. Everyone has a different body type and their bone structure is also different. You need something that will accentuate your body structure without compromising the protection of your body. We have seen most women who develop muscle on the upper body but their lower body stays very thin. To avoid this issue, BJJ helps with toning the muscles. You will be able to get a body structure that compliments your whole body without changing its proportion.

Perfect For Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the biggest issues that we are facing globally. It is known to be the mother of disease because of obesity we are seeing a rise in heart attacks, diabetes, and blood pressure cases. With the help of BJJ, you will be able to lose weight and this is the kind of workout that is not monotonous at all. You will be able to enjoy every single maneuver and it is a complete learning experience.

Helps With Body Posture

Due to the use of technology, most people are now slouching and this has caused the shoulder muscles to become stiff. The movement gets very restricted, even the easiest of the tasks become painful and you appear to be less confident. With the help of BJJ, you will see improvement in your body posture. You will learn to keep your back straight and this helps you appear more confident.

Mental Development

BJJ is great for increasing the blood flow in the upper body. One of the best things about BJJ is that it has helped in mental development. You will see your hair growing faster and healthier. You will also be able to experience that your body is healing better. Apart from this, you will be able to memorize things and retain information in a better way as well.

Excellent For Exercise

Overall, BJJ has the same benefits that you can get from exercise but it is far more effective and not boring at all. You will learn with every move and this will eventually help you stay interested in the game. Unlike some of the common exercises where you will get bored and lose motivation, BJJ is something that you will learn to enjoy.

Good For Creative Jobs

BJJ is known to be human chess, this means that you are not just using your body but also using your brain. The strategy building that is very helpful in creating jobs can be learned from BJJ. If you are not very good with planning and time management, you will see improvement in just a few months. Most business persons get very attracted to BJJ because they are familiar with the game-planning and they know how much they can benefit from it.

Helps You Focus While Multitasking

Women are generally better at multitasking. This is mainly because their lifestyle is more hectic than most men. Men have more physically active jobs whereas women have more mentally active jobs. With the help of BJJ, you will be able to retain focus and multitask at the same time. Overall, if we try to understand the importance of BJJ, it helps with mental health. It also helps in relieving mental stress, depression and even helps during a very hectic routine.

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