Beauty Routines To Liven Up The Quarantine

Seven beauty routines to liven up the quarantine and relax, taking advantage of the fact that there is time for everything. We propose seven options for you to take care of yourself now that, in principle, there are more moments available, between ordering attics, cooking or teleworking, being at home we can organize and prepare for what has to arrive safely: good weather.

  1. Hair Removal: Is the perfect time to try those homemade, comfortable, and durable methods to be so grateful when this quarantine passes. A safe bet is the Braun Silk-expert Pro, known colloquially as IPL (intense pulsed light), that does not hurt, and you notice the results very quickly, as well as being definitive. It is a way to move the beauty salon to your home. You want to show off your legs.
  2. Clean And Exfoliate Your Skin In Depth: It is time to give that respite that your skin so deserves. Take a break from makeup and take advantage of a deep cleaning and a homemade exfoliation. Get a facial steam bath that removes all your impurities and toxins. After a few days, exfoliate your skin traditionally with other products that you already have at home. Help yourself with a brush to make the treatment more effective.
  3. Moisturize Your Hair With A Natural Mask: Now, yes, you have no excuse to continue delaying the hydration that your hair lacks so much. Take the opportunity to make the natural mask that best suits your hair type with natural products such as yogurts, avocados, strawberries, or bananas.
  4. Homemade Manicure: Take the opportunity to try and innovate with original designs or colors on your nails. Now that nobody sees you, you can experiment, and you may discover other colors that favor you and, even more, develop a talent that you did not know.
  5. Take Time To Exercise Your Body And Mind: Whether you were already a sports lover or not, so many hours at home are the perfect excuse to practice it. Discover virtual exercise classes so that quarantine does not take its toll on you. Also, it is advisable to have a few moments of “digital” disconnection and practice mindfulness. This will help you feel general well-being.
  6. Sleep: It is easy to say it, but not many times to practice it. But it is one of the most necessary routines for our body to function correctly. Try to sleep 8 hours a day. Your body, and your dark circles, will thank you.
  7. Relaxation Shower: This is your moment. It is that time that you dedicate to release stress and relax. Put on your favorite playlist, use those bath soaps that you had abandoned in the drawer, and close your eyes. You will give thanks for this Zen moment.

What do you think? Shall we get going? Indeed you have already started several of 7 chic beauty routines yourself at home. But if you haven’t yet, we encourage you to take some time for yourself.

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