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About Us

About Us

Beauty is like therapy for me. Have I had a hard day and did not feel on top, so there is nothing better than to come home and clear away in the home and then have a home spa. It’s just like in beauty with all its different steps. Getting my own time is relaxing, and knowing that I will wake up as a reboot in the morning gives me the motivation to be alert in my otherwise demanding job continually!

I love learning about pro-aging and would love to preserve what I have rather than try to get back what I once had. It’s an exaggeration to say we live for beauty. We’re not going to do that. Salty seas, swaying palm trees, vibrant big cities, perfect wine, clothes, luxury licorice, our families, nature, and semi-shitty science fiction are also high on the list.

We started this beauty blog because we lacked a well-written independent (no collaborations and affiliate links) beauty blog that sees beauty from a perspective that may not always be conventional. Red lipsticks are lovely. Yes. But not still vital. For everyone. 

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